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about / Biennale Svizzera del Territorio

where / Lugano

what / installation / performance  

The productive countryside is largely defining of Switzerland’s identity. Yet, this overlooked part of the territory is becoming increasingly political as its borders are constantly being redrawn and negotiated, subjected to the economic and spatial pressure of the urban realm and its associated consumption.

The infrastructural network, ubiquitous in the scarce flatland of Ticino is a vector of local transformation generated by international dynamics. This linear framework consumes the territory through production and extraction of its ressources, mutates its ecosystems and feeds it through the influx of goods and the migration of species.

Taking the Canton of Ticino as a case study, "Il tavolo (non)finito" proposes to spark the debate and speculate on the political and cultural implications of these ongoing territorial processes and evolving practices. The installation invites the visitors to gather around and participate in the most important and collective cultural act: feasting.

with / Coralie Berchtold and Yann Junod.

cooking / Agnese z’graggen / Oficina del Gusto.

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