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L’objet n’est pas le sujet. Ou alors le contraire.

Sujets and Objets, accomplice antonyms, products of their era, exquisitely sliding on the world wide free plan. As found, dispersed in a condition of material genericness and immaterial specificity, SO/ stands on the sharp edge of reality, inverting the road code but keeping the highway, in a decimal precision of words and corners.

A collective of architects interested in ways of co-existing in the broader ecosystem of artificiality, sympathetic to residues and other urban by-products, weaving a noise.


Philippe Buchs, arch. MSc EPFL
Thierry Buache, arch. MSc EPFL
Charline Dayer, arch. MSc ETHZ
Dafni Retzepi, arch. MSc EPFL
Angélique Kuenzle, arch. MSc ETHZ
Laura Bottani, BSc Mendrisio


Timéa Schmidt, BA HEAD
Mariona Blanch Vernet, BSc ETSAB
Albin Mehmeti, BSc EPFL

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