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Sujets and Objets, accomplice antonyms, products of their era, exquisitely sliding on the world wide free plan. As found, dispersed in a condition of material genericness and immaterial specificity, SO / stands on the sharp edge of reality, inverting the road code but keeping the highway in a decimal precision of words and corners.

A group of architects interested in ways of co-existing in the broader ecosystem of artificiality, sympathetic to residues and other urban by-products, weaving a noise.

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Angélique Kuenzle, arch. MSc ETHZ
Charline Dayer, arch. MSc ETHZ
Dafni Retzepi, arch. MSc EPFL
Julien Donzé, arch. MSc EPFL
Philippe Buchs, arch. MSc EPFL
Raúl Hansra Sartorius, student ETHZ
Thierry Buache, arch. MSc EPFL


Albin Mehmeti, BSc EPFL
Antoine Angeard, BA ENSA Nantes
Cléa Delemontey, BA ESAD Orléans
Elisa Cudré-Mauroux, BA HEAD
Laura Bottani, BSc AAM
Marine Evrard, BA HEAD
Mariona Blanch Vernet, BSc ETSAB
Marta Cassany, arch. MSc AAM
Pauls Rietums, BA GSA
Timéa Schmidt, BA HEAD


040 TAVOLO, scenography and performance, Biennale Svizzera del Territorio, Lugano, 2022

031 ECKE, invited competition, second rank, housing, Zurich, 2022

027 BEL, competition, extention of a school, Geneva, 2022

026 UNIL, competition, 1/2 university, Lausanne, 2021

023 PORTEOUS, cultural infrastructure, Geneva, 2021 -

022 HUGO, multi-purpose room, Geneva, 2021

021 M.V., 4 tables, installation, Monte Verità, 2021

019 JJZ, apartment with important corners, renovation, Geneva, 2021

013 OFF, interior renovation and reorganisation of an office, Geneva, 2021

010 APPIA, big big box, logistic center, Daval, 2020

009 LINA, curatorial and scenographic project, Geneva, 2020

008 CCS, finalist, selected competition, transformation and environmental compliance of the Swiss Cultural Centre, Paris, 2020

006 KALA, a floor and a breathing machine, extension, interior renovation and environmental compliance, HEAD, Geneva University of Art and Design, Geneva, 2020 - 2022

005 LIO, surfaciality, transformation of a villa into collective housing, Geneva, 2020

002 FALSE SPACE, floating installation, Lisbon Triennial associated project, 2019


Public Love, Invitation du Collectif la–clique, Lausanne, 2022

Attitude / Forme, Arc en Rêve, Carte Blanche à Bruther, Bordeaux, 2022

Sur-, Hyper-, Over-, EPFL, Studio Franz Graf, 2021

Darling You Got to Let me Know, UNIBO, Studio Trentin, 2021

Making / Office, HEAD, Studio Slonimsky, 2021

The Fragment as a Whole, HEAD, symposium on Models, 2019


Krone Aus Glas, Hochparterre, 2023

So verdichtet man mit Glas, article in Sonntag Zeitung, 2023

Œuvre ou­verte à la HEAD, article in Tracés, 2022

Daydream Eating Soup, article for Paprika, Yale, 2022

Entscheidend ist das Prinzip, Werk, 2022

Kollektiv ohne Grenzen, Hochparterre, 2021

Junge Architektur Schweiz, Werk, 2021

L’Objet n’est pas le Sujet (ou alors le contraire), Espaces Contemporains, 2020

teaching / jury

Palm Beach Under a Heating Plant, workshop leaders with Marta Cassany, EAVT, Paris-Est, 2023

Just Kids, experiential workshops for primary and secondary schools, Geneva, 2022 -

The Corners of Form. Politics at the Boundary, phd research, UNIBO, 2020 -

Lovers Just For One Day, workshop leaders, IDW, Antwerp University, 2022

Bordeline(s) Investigations #2-6, teaching assistant Sudio Theriot, ETHZ 2020 -

Universum Carrousel Journey, teaching assistant, Studio Jan de Vylder, ETHZ 2020 -

Uncertain Ground, guest critic, Atelier Truwant + Rodet, ENSA Versailles, 2021

Run Baby Wait, guest critic, workshop by Comte/Meuwly, HEAD, Geneva, 2021

Techniques et Sauvegarde de l’architecture Moderne, teaching assistant Studio Franz Graf, EPFL, 2020 -

Architecture without Content #34 EPILOGUE, teaching assistant Studio FORM, Studio Kersten Geers, EPFL, 2019

prizes / exhibtitions

Colors, curated by diskursiv, Forum Stadtparl, Graz, 2023

Non Finito, Biennale Svizzera del Territorio i2a, Lugano, 2022 

FAR°, point de repère, with collectif la–clique, Nyon, 2022

Wilde Karte, Hochparterre, 2021

BIG, Biennale des Espaces d’Art, Genève, 2021 

1st Prize, competition for the extension, interior renovation and environmental compliance, HEAD, Geneva University of Art and Design, project KALA, 2020

Prize GCO, conservation of the built environment, EPFL, 2018

Prize SIA, EPFL, 2017

Prize of Theoretical Research, EPFL, 2017

Prize Orlando Lauti, EPFL, 2017

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